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do you know if if it's going to continue in service? >> i'm not sure on that particular ferry but none was injured on the ferry. we'll have the latest news for you at 6:00. we'll let you know if anything changes during the newscast. >> now to an early morning fire that left a little girl dead. the fire broke out on treasure island. residents and firefighters tried to save the 10-year-old girl but the flames were too intense. tomas roman is there with the latest. reporter: the neighbors here are heartbroken. the loss of the still unidentified ten-year-old girl has hit them hard. both residents and firefighters tried to save her. we don't knoll how the fire started or how it burned to quickly, trapping the child inside. >> they can't get in there and get that little kit out. >> -- kid out. >> that is cell phone video,
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showing two apartments on treasure island obscured by a mountain of flames. inside one burning apartment, a ten-year-old girl was trapped. desiree, who lives next door, heard screaming and piewndzing on -- a pounding on her door at 12:30 a.m. >> we came out and saw the flames coming out the windows, and heard the baby was playing. we tried to get to her, but couldn't get to her in time. >> her family is now homeless but managed to get her other children out successfully. other residents tried to save the child. >> a mother was running around saying that, my baby's inside. people went up to try to go through the door, and as we approached the door, it exploded and fire and smoke came out. >> other family members managed
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to escape unharmed. the ten-year-old died inside. three apartments damaged, one detroit. 30 people displaced. some residents complain the firefighters took too much time to respond. the division chief says, units responded minutes of getting the call. he tee lay may have been in residents calling for help. >> it's unusual for us to show up and find an apartment or any structure fully involved where we have fire coming out every opening. reporter: two firefighters were injured when they fell through the second story floor while driving to save the girl. fire detectors were installed and working, and firefighters say it is it nose -- is not suspicion. >> oakland police are investigating a deadly stabbing. police say man was stabbed to
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death. his name not released. this is oakland's 11th 11th homicide of the year. the driver of a pickup truck died after rear-ending a big rig this morning. you can see the impact totaled the front of the pickup. the driver's name has not been released. the chp initially reported the big rig was parked at the time of the crash but that investigation continues. >> fire destroyed several cars at a pacifica towing business thing morning. the vehicles and part of an outbuilding were burning when firefighter provide at the -- arrived at the facility. they attacked the blaze with hose lines. firefighters say offshore winds made the fire difficult to put out. an arson investigator was called but the towing company says damaged car in the yard caught fire. >> we have new details on the crippled carnival cruiseship. investigators are pouring over to triumph, trying to figure out
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what caused the fire that left passengers stranded at sea. six investigators are in mobile, alabama, where the ship finally docked yesterday. car vessel is offering passengers $500, full refun for the trip and credit for another cruise. passengers say despite the horrible conditions, including limited food, many formed bondss and praised the crew's behavior. >> the crew were outstanding, just very accommodating, as well as the other other -- other passengers were helping elderly people. >> at least one passenger has already filed a lawsuit. catholics could have a new pope sooner than first expected. the vatican said today that the meeting of senior church officials to select the new pope, a process known as the conclave, may begin sooner than
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expected. by church rules say a conclave must begin 15 to 20 days after the seat becomes vacant after a period of mourning. but this time there's no need to mourn because pope benedict xvi decided to resign, speeding up the process could potentially give the church a new pope the week before easter. >> russia says there is cleanup after a meteor caused significant dang. [screaming] >> that sonic boom and resulting pressure wave blew out windows, more than a thousand people were hurt. skype differences believe the meteor weighed 10 tons before hitting the atmosphere. authorities are looking for rem
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nantz but have found no trace. >> experts say there's that connection between the meteor explosion in russia and a fireball sighted streaking croat the southern california sky. someone claimed to have recorded the meteor while driving down 280. experts say it was fire ball and not major event. another meteor landed in the bay area in october and caused a live sonic boom. >> ahead, a record-setting voyage, sailors say it's one of the most challenging sea adjourningies in the world and just ended in san francisco. the prices at the pump went up overnight. when we can expect gas prices to stop climbing. >> leigh: today's 60s, low 70s around the bay area. hope you enjoy it. big change is expected next week. winter returns. winter returns. aan) 3 days of walking
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it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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>> the richmond san rafael bridge is closed for installation of the toll collection system. the current toll system is 15 years old and officials say it needs to be replaced. there are no plans to removal all toll-takers from the brim. >> a racing yacht ended their record-breaking victim on san francisco bay today. the 70-foot mazaratti sailed under the golden gate bridge 47 days after leading new york city. they set sail on new year's eve. the mazaratti easily broke the
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record set in 1998. the yacht saigd around cape horn at the tip of south america, ending at the golden gate bridge, total of 13,225 miles. >> still ahead, sea rescue caught on video. a kayaker spots a doll feign -- dolphin in trouble. >> a pleasant warm day is coming to an end, and unfortunately so is the sunny weather. >> now, here's david muir with a look at what is ahead on world news at 5:30. >> coming up tonight right here on world news, what turned into into a modern day gold rush, how much for the piece of meteor that came crashing into the earth. and we'll take a look at the image of the shooting star in san francisco last night. and the latest on the storm moving across the country, and then this plane crash caught on
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tape. the view from inside the
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a surprise today at the gas pump for many drivers. prices across the bay area increased an average of three cents overnight. i paid 4.17 today. aaa reports the average price for a gallon of regular in oakland is 4.02, san jose, 4.05. san francisco, expect to pay an average of 4.10.
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surprisingly prices in the pay area are under the california prices. oil analysts say gas prices change in may. >> it's a second chance for a dolphin caught in fishing line and was near death in southern california. sea world staffers and san diego lifeguards came to the creature's help. you can see rescuers catching the dolphin, pulling it to the boat and then cut it free. the high-strength fishing line was keeping it from swimming or hunting. >> let's get to leigh glaser to fine out when exactly this nice weather is going to end. >> leigh: we have a couple days and then old man winter is going to return. live doppler 7hd right now not
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picking up anything out there. 'll show you the beautiful view. this is from the high definition cam. we're looking down towards san francisco bay there. there's mt. tamalpais, and highs today in the 70s. santa rosa, 72. napa, 69. sfo, 66. concord, 67. 68 in san jose, monterey, 73 degrees. your high so far for today. our east bay cam getting a little closer. you can see a little bit of the haze near the golden gate bridge, and currently we have 59 in san francisco. oakland, 63. 66, san jose, novato, 64. livermore, 64. nice shot from the high def next rooftop cam looks towards the bay bridge. clear sky inland. santa rosa, 66. napa, 64. los gatos, 70. so, here is a look at our
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forecast, and it's going to take us into next week when we're really going to start to see big changes. looking for passing clouds overnight. you may have noticed high clouds, fog will redevelop in spots by tomorrow morning. get ready for plenty of sunshine and temperatures will cool a bit, and then next week cold, wet weather pattern as we head into tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. here is a look at some of those high clouds right here. they just drift by the bay area. they will push off towards the east. you can see a bit of fog near the coast. this will head a little further inland overnight, but the big story tomorrow is the nice ridge of high pressure that brought us the springlike unseasonably warm temperatures will weaken and allowing a cooler mass to filter in, so cooler days beginning on sunday, and was we head into monday and tuesday, big changes, especially on tuesday.
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pocket of cold air, strong cold front, this is going to bring the return of some very wet weather to the bay area, very cold temperatures, even low snow levels. in fact we'll advance our forecast. tuesday morning, just in time nor commute, rain returns and, boy, it's going to be a cold rain. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, the cold front moves across the bay area and it will continue to slide south. so tuesday and wednesday, prepare for colder and wetter conditions, here's a look at the lows tonight. a few fasting -- passing clouds. upper 30s. san francisco, 46. and here's a look at the highs for sunday. 65 for los gatos. temperatures coming done a few degrees. half moon bay, 56 tomorrow. 63, palo alto. san francisco, still sunny but cooler, 63. north bay, 67. santa rosa, 63.
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oakland tomorrow, 63. castro valley, 62. interior east bay, antioch, brentwood, pittsburg, mid-60s. and here's a look at the seven-day forecast. a cooler day tomorrow and then on monday you'll notice that temperatures are going to tumble, only in the 50s tuesday. that cold rain, winter returns, hangs on through wednesday, a little break on thursday, and then more showers next friday and saturday. so get ready for the change. >> ama: it's time to check on spots. colin is here because we sent shu packing. >> the quest for a repeat is underway. the entire giant team
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>> just four days into spring training bruce bochy has already been asked the question, have the giants become a dynasty? three in four years would answer the question. the quest has begun and we begin by joining mike shumann live with the giants in scottsdale. take it away. >> mike: colin, in team sports, once the season is over everybody is gone, and of course winning a world series it's a short offseason so with today's workout it was like getting the band back together. the world series champion giants are together for the first time sin winning it all in october and it's like the band is back together. >> kind of lose touch with guys
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over the offseason, so kind of like a little reunion the first day, and i think everybody is excited. >> talking trash and everything the first morning. >> definitely. never stops. >> 21 out of 25 people on the roster are back. got to bode well. >> it's awesome. the chemistry is the most important thing in this clubhouse, and everybody gets along real request well -- really well, and it's good to have. >> no question, a pretty big advantage. for them, too. they know me. they know what to expect, and vice versa. >> how did it feel to be a world series champ in the offseason? >> felt great. definitely different. a lot more recognition around town. but it was fun seeing everybody and enjoying the moment. >> mike: now the quest for back-to-back world series titles begins. >> i'm looking forward to seeing what this team can do with a
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full season. obviously, some major keys in the middle of the season with marco and hunter, and it will be neat to see what we can do when we are all together for 162. >> mike: this is a good-looking team and i have to agree with ryan. at 6:00 we'll talk to the prodigal son who returns to the outfield. andres torres. good thing that net was there. that would have hurt somebody. reporting live, back to you, colin. >> the south paw. should have played baseball. maybe it's the matchup, maybe it's the venue, but for whatever reason, usf has had gone gonzaga's number. down seven at the half. the dons chip away in the second. the double pump reverse. he had 14. bickerson, outside, 3-5 beyond the arc.
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game tied at 45 with just over 10:00 to play. the bulldogs, clear advantage in height and muscle. harris, 17 for him. and then the exclaimation point here. game, high 26. 71, 61 gonzaga. >> go to maples pavilion. the browns bouncing back against stanford. big bucket with just under 2:00 to play. the foul, and stanford loses. hp pavilion semifinals, the john isner facing tommy haws, never able to get into ary. too many unforced errors. haws wins in straight sets. he will face the two-time defending champ.
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>> in half hour at 6:00, we're following two breaking news stories, two injured in a ferry boat accident near tiburon and one person seriously hit after getting hit by a bus. >> the best city in the nation formen is boise.
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but it's followed by san jose and then san francisco. so not too bad. >> that does it for us here at 5:00. world news is negligence. captioned by closed captioning services inc. this is "world news." tonight -- sudden impact. this evening, the staggering power of that huge meteor now revealed. after that blast in the classroom, the mall glass shattering. tonight, our correspondent takes us through the city where the meteor hit. and just guess how much a piece of that meteor is now worth tonight. breaking their silence. the blade runner's family on their son and the murder charges that he now faces, just as the reality show starring his slain girlfriend debuts with her still in it. caught on tape.
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the crash landing. the view from inside the cockpit, and the 7-month-old baby surviving in his father's arms. and sally's secret. with the oscars approaching, tonight, the actress revealing what happened in her own life that suddenly changed how she played mrs. lincoln. >> it will be one of the things that i remember forever and ever and ever. good evening. thanks for being here this saturday night. we do begin with the aftermath from that massive meteor that came crashing to earth, 1200 people hurt and thousands more stunned by what they saw. new images coming in this tonight, the streak across the sky that kept getting brighter.

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